Underwater Scuba Life

It was my second time doing scuba.The first time was in Kochi which was in a stone quarry (where stone excavation has been stopped and has turned them into lakes), an ideal place.The craziness of Scuba was into my mind since I was a child and Kochi offered a budget scuba experience.Its enough for one who wants to experience Scuba within a budget amount.

Kovalam , on the other hand is one of the best beaches in India and in the world.Known for its iconic location, the natural surrounding and waves suited for surfing, Kovalam attracts tourists in plenty every year from all over the world. But very few know about the fact that Kovalam also caters its visitors the privilege to enjoy under sea diving experience.

I came to know about Scuba through few sources, one is Redrawlife, which is an adventure site offering exciting trips under budget range and other was through my company Invis Multimedia which currently do the promotion works for Kerala tourism.

In Kovalam, Scuba diving is offered by a couple of organisations.As far as I know, they are all PADI certified and are run by professionals. Kovalam has recently got in the news for conducting India’s first underwater wedding.It was organised by Bond Safari in Kovalam

I was excited about doing scuba in the sea.So I thought to take my two besties with me just to let them get excited too.

With devils aka besties

We reached Kovalam and it took us a while to find the office of the scuba team (Bond Safari). We were tricked by slow internet and GPS.Finally we reached the place (its 100 meters before reaching Kovalam beach.Its opposite to Horticorp). We were introduced to a good office space full of equipments and were given a good welcome.The instructor Nikhil who recently had done his wedding underwater (India’s first) and we were familiar with his dace.Hwe gave us a briefing of all those sybols,instructions, golden rules etc, gave us the suites and were taken to the beach. There were couple of divers who completed there first round with some tourists like us and they took us straight to the water. Meera was first to go and I was happy that they chose her because she had the greatest fear of water.

Each of us was given a companion dive master and they geared us with the SCUBA stuff and were taken to the sea.

Getting ready
This is the symbol for OK

The dive master who was with me was from Pune.He completed his Electronics degree and made Scuba diving his job and passion.I was shocked to hear that such things can happen in India where parents fight to make their children an Engineer or Doctor. I don’t have words to say.It was magical ( Zindagi Na Milegi Dubarah).There was peace and I felt like I was in a different world.The only sound I could here was the air going out of the mouth.Fishes,rays, corals.It was superb.I must say before you die, you must try Scuba Diving.

Under water beauty
Chasing a ray

You can see my Scuba movie here:

Mission Completed


Rate : The rate may vary from 4500-7000 including photo and videography

Things to check :

  • Always enquire before you go, as climate is a factor.
  • Have light food before you go
  • Always take extra pair of dresses and avoid wearing tight dress.

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